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World War Two Books
  Online site selling new and used, military history books, especially WW2 titles.  
Book Clubs Directory
  This site profiles all known discount book clubs in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. that accept new members online. It lists introductory offers, shipping costs and purchase requirements.  
Book Clubs Online
  Detailed information on leading US book clubs. Read in-depth reviews, learn about the savings, compare related book clubs and more.
AllBookClubs Book Club
  Special deals and discounts to book lovers every month. Book club interests include computer book club, audio book club, fiction, christian and cooking book clubs.  
Black Expressions Book Club
  Black Expressions Book Club offers African American novels and African American books at discount prices. This club features black books and black novels by notable African American authors.  
Book Clubs Online
  A comprehensive listing of book clubs by interest: fiction, literature, children's, history, cultural, religious, love & romance, mystery and horror, and sports book clubs.  
Book Free
  Borrow unlimited bestselling books or audiobooks. Keep them as long as you want, no late fees or due dates. You can also purchase books and audiobooks at steep discounts.  
Doubleday Book Club
  Doubleday Book Club offers nonfiction books, romance novels, and craft books. Bargain books from best selling authors include, mysteries, romance books, self help books, diet books, and health books.  
The Good Cook
  Cookbook club offers discount cookbooks, recipe books and culinary books including International cookbooks, vegetarian cookbooks, diet cookbooks, low fat cookbooks and diabetic cookbooks.  
The Folio Society
  The Folio Society publish a unique collection of beautiful illustrated books. Make huge saving on our special introductory joining offers  
  Free services and author interviews for book clubs and reading groups. Put your existing book clubs on-line and we'll send out email meeting reminders for your reading group.  
Poetry Book Society
  Books on poetry, poems, biographies of major poets  
World Books
  The World Books UK Book Club: Fiction, lifestyle, memoirs
Since 1966 the BCA book club offers great discounts on thousands of favourite authors, bestsellers, crime, thriller, romance, sagas, fiction, cookery and lifestyle books.® Copyright Shopssquare network, Inc.,2003-2004. All rights reserved