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Lady Lisa\'s Bookshop
  Used and Secondhand Books.Over 4000 books. Mainly non-fiction. Also Out of print books.Good selection on occult,biography, sport, gardening,macrobiotics, astral travel, architecture.  
CollegeStuff 4 U
  student credit cards -- Credit Card Central: rewards, frequent flyer, no-annual-fee, instant, student, business, low APR, low balance transfer interest rates, debit, prepaid. Easy, fast applications, good bad or no credit.  
  ComicLink is your full-service, automated exchange for investment-quality Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age and CGC Graded comic books, original comic book art, and related items.
  Providing an online bulletin board for students who need to sell
their books and those who need to buy them as well  
Law Book Network
  Buy, sell and trade new and used law books and related legal research materials free using Law Book Network on the World Wide Web.  
More For Nothing provides free services to university and college students such as ride sharing, used book exchange and more. All services are absolutely free.  
One and Ten
  Second-hand book trading for Australian university and college students  
Online For Books
  authors promote your books, free listing, buy books on-line, searchable database of books, by category or author, purchase direct from author® Copyright Shopssquare network, Inc.,2003-2004. All rights reserved