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Wars Specific Titles

Atlantis: The Final Solution.
  A scientific history of humanity over the last 100,000 years.  
Cobras Over The Tundra
  Featured on "War Stories with Oliver North," a short story and photo history of American and Russian pilots who shared the dangers of the Alaska - Siberia route during World War II.  
Famagusta - A Town in Hostage
  Thiakos Zissis book shows images of the town taken over the last five years.  
Turner Publishing
  Turner Publishing has developed over 1,000 titles commemorating America’s history, with books on the United States Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines  
The Aerie, Books Etc.
  A bookstore featuring books on the arts, culture, history, and literature of the Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and other Celtic cultures and the Medieval and Renaissance periods. We also offer an extensive selection of Children's books.  
Boyd Publishing Company
  Major publisher and seller of historical and genealogical books and CDs  
Bridge House Books
  Bridge House Books publishes fine literature about the historical American West: True events, real people, and fine storytelling that makes you think.  
Dixie General
  We offer a wide range of Southern Heritage and southern history items including books, flags, music, bumper stickers, and jewelry.  
Europa University Press
  Publisher of scholarly books on history and international affairs - dedicated to intellectual freedom and scholarly standards in the expansion of knowledge  
The History Carper
  Resources for the historian including histories, government documents, and primary source material. Plus books, gifts, CDs, and a special Kids Only section.  
Little Miami Book
  The Little Miami Publishing Company specializes in history, reference, and genealogical books for the professional and family historian.  
Native Ground Music
  Native Ground Music produces recordings and books of old time, bluegrass, gospel and folk music plus music instruction books.Civil War, Railroad,traditional American music and folklore.  
Portrayer Publishers
  Portrayer Publishers specialise in women's history and social history titles. Portrayer are academic publishers of social history and women\'s history titles. We also publish posters, greeting cards and other related items, as seen at this website.® Copyright Shopssquare network, Inc.,2003-2004. All rights reserved