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Father's Touch
  Sexual abuse survivor Donald D'Haene chronicles his experience of being sexually abused for over a decade within a Jehovah's Witness family, and the subsequent trial of his abuser.  
Evan's Earthly Adventure
  death, teenage, spiritual, teen angst, teenage solutions, belief, spirit world, questions and answers, faith, spiritual, book, Evan's Adventure, spiritual adventure, meditation, drug use, inner journey, purpose of life, teenage depression, teenage unhappiness, searching  
The Missing Piece
  A special message of hope to every reader.  
My Steve Sax Connection
  In his chilling, yet inspiring, critically-acclaimed autobiography, the author vividly illustrates how his identification with former baseball star Steve Sax helped him overcome the psychological abuse inflicted by his alcoholic father.  
Sage Place
  dedicated to healing mind, body, spirit and environment.  
Triumph Over Cancer
  Story of successful battle with cancer gives technique used to triumph over cancer, describes impact of patient learning he has cancer, formulation of plan to fight the disease, chemotherapy treatment and remission.  
The Understanding
  Author Ted Daw shares natural alternative Cancer healing methods which cured his cancer. If you, or somebody you know has cancer, this is for you  
A Woman Alone
  A spiritual, widow's relationship memoir in poetry and letters comforts grief, loneliness, heartbreak, death or breakup with a partner through guidance, intuition, growth and inspiration® Copyright Shopssquare network, Inc.,2003-2004. All rights reserved